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SYNOPSIS: Diaries say so much about who we are. What we decide to include in any given entry is as telling as what we decide to omit. There were things omitted from my father's history that somehow seemed to nullify the immense sacrifices he made. Recorded history contrived to keep much of who he was, and many others like him from the working class, well below radar. We seek to document those events that best match our understanding of what is important and of value to us. We do this without ever really questioning just what it is we see as valuable. What we choose to document speaks volumes about who we are as a civilization. The narcotics of fame, money and power so easily eclipse and inform our choices. This piece is a combination of events both real and imagined, artistically rendered and viewed with a level of creative license. Some of the characters here are real people. Some are compilations based on real people. (In cases involving my family I have sought to be as transparent as possible without jeopardizing the privacy or dignity of those I love). I portray people of different race and gender, because I long to give light to the amazing and singular characters that are so easily overlooked in every day life. - Michelle Myers Berg


“Her memories of dealing with the quiet, repressed anger of her Korean war vet father moved me to tears.
This is one of the funniest, most moving plays I've ever seen, anywhere”.

Joe Nathan,  Highland Park

Michelle Myers Berg......spins vastly illuminating tales – sometimes hysterical, sometimes heartbreaking – drawn from her own childhood experiences.   
Berg remarkably embodies over 20 characters during the performance, each role filled with a resounding sense of empathy and honesty.”

Brad Richason
Minneapolis Examiners,  Arts & Entertainment 

“In a play that's carefully populated with eccentric and flashy characters, her father, who is never openly eccentric or flashy, ends up being the one we want to hear the most about, and that's a hell of a great eulogy to give the man”.

The Arts Writer.

"Blue Collar Diaries is a boldly compassionate work that never succumbs to blind patriotism or agitprop.
Blue Collar Diaries played in shorter form at the 2007 Minnesota Fringe Festival, more than a year before Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino, which also featured a Korean War veteran.  This is perhaps a deeper examination of the same issues”.

John Townsend, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Myers has both a keen memory and a facility for bringing these characters to life with her voice, carriage and an item or two of clothing. Sensitive yet clear-eyed, Blue Collar Diaries pays homage to a host of unsung heroes.”
“...her homespun, humorous and sometimes heartbreaking tale of growing up in Merriam Park resonates far beyond the borders of her old neighborhood”.

 Dominic P. Papatola,  St. Paul Pioneer Press, Top Ten Plays of 2009